All Xbox One Controllers Confirmed To Work On Project Scarlett


At E3 2019, Microsoft has stated its full commitment to backwards compatibility with Project Scarlett, which meant not only you’ll be able to play all Xbox One and deeper in the past generations on the newest console, but also that controllers from the previous-gen would be available on that.

Now, James Shields, Product/Marketing Manager for Xbox accessories at Microsoft, has provided further confirmation of that on his official Twitter profile, sharing that all the controllers from Xbox One will work on the incoming next-generation platform, without any caveat.

“Yep – all Xbox One controllers!,” Shields told a fan who asked about controllers backwards compatibility on Twitter.

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It’s worth noting that the fan had asked a confirmation for all the controllers and said that he meant at least those working under Bluetooth, and Shields replied with that answer which is seemingly a hint for all the controllers, doesn’t matter Bluetooth or not, will work on Project Scarlett.

So, with Microsoft releasing in a couple of weeks the Elite Controller Series 2, we do know that’s an important thing to state in order not to let people down with an expensive controller like that and the impossibility to play with it on the newest platform.

What we don’t know is which features the Project Scarlett controller will bring in when it releases in Holiday 2020, and how much those could be important in terms of gameplay or appealing to players to make them willing to jump on them instead of sticking with an older controller.