An Amazon Listing May Have Hinted Overwatch On The Switch


A recent listing on Amazon may have hinted that the popular multiplayer game Overwatch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and it launched in 2016. It was a massive hit around the world, with gamers being entranced by the game’s colorful aesthetics and addicting gameplay. The playable characters of Overwatch have become instant fan-favorites, and the game is now one of the biggest in the world.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released to the masses in 2017, there has been a demand to have Overwatch on the console. Though certain developers in Blizzards have expressed interest in seeing Overwatch on the Switch, there didn’t appear to be much development on that.

With that said, Diablo III, another popular Blizzard game, was able to be released on the Nintendo Switch, so it isn’t unprecedented to think Overwatch can make it on the Switch.

A recent listing on Amazon has given fans a newfound interest in seeing Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch again. The listing was for a new Switch carrying case that is Overwatch-themed. The listing details that PowerA, a known gaming manufacturer, make the case. The listing also claims that the product is “Officially Licensed by Nintendo and blizzard entertainment.”

Probably unsurprising, the listing is no longer on Amazon. However, other people have taken screenshots from the listing. Wario64 is one of them and shared the images on his Twitter.

If an Overwatch Switch case is real, then it probably means that Overwatch will release on the Nintendo Switch. There are rumors that there will be a Nintendo Direct in September, with many fans now thinking that they will have a “surprise” reveal of Overwatch in that Direct.

With Overwatch possibly making its way onto the Switch, this has led to a discussion online of the possibility of seeing one of the characters of Overwatch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC. Tracer has become the go-to character to appear in Smash Bros. because she serves as the de facto face of the game.

Admittedly, since none of this is officially confirmed, all this talk about Overwatch could be overstated. However, the Overwatch case does make a strong argument for at least the game to make an appearance on the Switch.