AMD Reveals Navi And Zen 2, GPU And CPU Behind PS5

At an event held today, AMD has revealed Navi and Zen 2; it’s next-generation GPU and CPU that will be working under the hood of PS5.

This technology is likely the same to be used for Xbox Scarlett, but at this stage, PlayStation 5 is the only console confirmed to be adopting it.

While more details will be revealed at E3 2019, further adding on AMD’s ambitions in the field of gaming, we have some particulars about the specs and the philosophy behind this tech.

The GPU Navi will take advantage of a newly designed RDNA, and will be coming with 1.25x improvement per clock and 1.5x improvement per watt in comparison with the previous gen.

Navi will be pushing the boundaries in terms of raw power and expect insane teraflop counts if you’re a fan of numbers in time for E3.

It’s worth noting, though, that the adoption of Zen 2 will perhaps represent the biggest step forward as the CPU.

Indeed, back in the days of Xbox One/Xbox One X and PS4/PS4 Pro, Jaguar was already a weak and relatively old technology, so it was a big bottleneck since day one for both creators and platform owners, no matter the teraflops count.

Interestingly now, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are coming in one year with a technology that is brand new and that they will be using for the first time, PC gaming included.

So, things are likely to be quite different for the next generation consoles as they could be, as they used to be in the past, the top notch in terms of tech for gaming around.