Among Us comes to the Nintendo Switch

The smash hit indie game is on its way to another portable platform.

Image via InnerSloth

Among Us took the gaming world by storm this summer, but only for PC and mobile gamers. Now, developer Inner Sloth is taking its hit game to another portable platform: the Nintendo Switch. This was first announced during Nintendo’s Indie World showcase, which also revealed that the newest port of the game will be available today in the Nintendo eShop.

This is the most recent update for Among Us, following the announcement of a brand new map, the Airship, which is set to release in 2021. Gamers on the Switch can join in on the imposter mayhem. The exact time for the release is unknown, as the trailer for the port simply states it will be “available later today.”

While players on the Nintendo Switch will be able to join in on the fun, it will still be difficult for players who want to utilize voice chat in this game. Currently, there is no way to connect your Nintendo Switch to a Discord voice chat server; this function is exclusively available for players using their mobile device or PC.

The best solution in this department is to connect to your Discord voice chat on a different device while you play on your Switch. This would require two sets of headphones, or listening to your Switch’s built-in speakers, and is an inconvenient option either way.