Among Us Cosmicubes update brings new roles, in-game store, and achievements

The newest roles for the Cosmicube Update in Among Us, out now.

Image via Among Us YouTube

In the Among Us emergency meeting #33, we learned more about the upcoming changes for the various crew roles in the game headed to the next major update. Leading up to this meeting, the Innersloth team already shared with us one of the imposter roles, the Shapeshifter. Today, we learned about the Cosmicube update where an in-game store would be coming where players can purchase skins, hates, and nameplates, and includes achievements. The update is available today.

The newest roles coming to update include the Scientist, Engineer, and Guardian Angel. The Scientist will be busy monitoring everyone’s vitals from afar, ensuring their safety, while the Engineer explores the interior of the map through the vents. However, should everything else fail, the Guardian Angel can help protect other crewmates with a shield, ensuring they survive an attack from the Imposter. The Guardian Angel seemed to have the most use as a ghost, providing more use to the rest of the team after they had passed on.

The Cosmicube bundles had numerous cosmetic options for Among Us players to add more flair to their crewmates. The update would introduce a premium currency that was strictly used for cosmetic items. There are two types of currency coming to the game, Beans and Stars. Beans would be available for specific items in the in-game store, whereas the Stars would be for the larger bundles, containing multiple items.

All of the roles and in-game store have arrived today in Among Us version 2021.11.09.