Amy Hennig: “Bizarre” That People Won’t End Story In Single-Player Games

In a recent interview with IGN, Uncharted’s creator Amy Hennig has shared her thoughts about single-player games and people that won’t even finish those stories.

According to Hennig, it’s “bizarre” that the industry has just made peace with this logic, without trying and fixing the problem.

“The idea that our medium just makes peace with the fact that most people will never see the whole arc of the story we’re telling, that’s bizarre to me,” she says.

“The age when we could make games in the non-indie space that are six to eight hours long, don’t have any second modes, don’t have a live service, multiplayer, they’re just about this finite interactive narrative experience that sticks the landing and is memorable, that’s a harder and harder sell.”

That concept had already been expressed in the recent past by Hennig.

She said in an interview that she firmly believes the original Uncharted pitch wouldn’t be accepted by any publisher around since every game now is required to have some online presence.