An 8-year-old Smash player named Bubblegum is making waves with her win at a Smash Ultimate tournament

The community has gathered to support a young player.

Image via Nintendo

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In light-hearted news, the Smash community has come together to show support towards an 8-year-old player nicknamed Bubblegum. The young gamer and her father attended the ESA KC #33 tournament back in November, where she impressed people with her skill in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The young girl was able to win several matches before properly losing the tournament, but Smash fans all over the internet have been praising her playstyle and for showing such promise at such a young age.

Many have pointed out that several of her opponents were going easy on her, and the young Smash player still hasn’t fully grasped some gameplay mechanics. However, she knew most of the fundamentals of the game and was able to mix up her game style on the fly during a match with a Kazuya player. She played as Joker and was able to use multiple strategies in her fight, showing she has a promising future with the title.

What’s extra impressive about Bubblegum is that, according to her father, she’s only been playing the game for a year. According to her father, Bubblegum went to her first local tournament last year and participated in the losers’ bracket. She had a great time and wanted to do it again, which led to her joining the ESA a year later. With only a year under her belt, who knows what more she can accomplish with additional time? As pointed out by her father and the community, the most important thing is that Bubblegum genuinely seems to have fun playing the game against others.

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Bubblegum’s dad has expressed gratitude towards the community’s warm embrace of his daughter doing so well in Smash Bros. The Smash community is not often known for being embracing towards new players or outliers, yet the young 8-year-old impresses enough fans that many are looking forward to what more she has up in her sleeve. With so much controversy in Smash lately, it’s nice to know there’s a little girl out there still having fun playing the game.