Android 17 is the final DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

The final DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been revealed— and it is none other than Android 17, one of the game’s most requested characters.

The character, sporting his Dragon Ball Super look, was first revealedin January during a datamine which revealed the full lineup of DLC characters coming to the game. Season one’s FighterZ DLC included Broly, Bardock, Zamasu, Vegito Blue, Base Goku, and Base Vegeta.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Android 17 confirmed.

This isn’t the first time that Android 17 has appeared in-game, however. The character links up with Android 18 as a support fighter, helping Android 18 to pull off a few moves and abilities during fight. The DLC version of Android 17 will fight by himself with no support from Android 18.

Android 17 is expected to be a part of fourth DLC pack alongside Cooler, who was revealed at Evo 2018 during the Dragon Ball FighterZ top eight. Cooler is set to release on Sept. 28 while the release date for Android 17 is yet to be announced.

Although the duo have not been given an official price, they are expected to cost $5 each, the same price as all the previous DLC characters. They are also part of the FighterZ Season Pass, which is available right now for $35. The pass includes all eight DLC fighters.

This isn’t the end of FighterZ DLC, however, as Bandai Namco has already confirmed that they are hard at work on the next line of characters for the game’s next season pass. That could mean eight more characters could appear in the game in the future.

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