Animal Crossing: New Horizons data miner reveals possible new features

Could a fall harvest be in store for everyone’s favorite island lifestyle relaxation-simulator?


Do you wish Animal Crossing: New Horizons had maybe a dash more Stardew Valley thrown into its DIY recipe? If so, you might be in luck, as dater miners have uncovered hints that suggest a farming feature is in store for everyone’s favorite relaxation-simulator.

While we still haven’t gotten through a full year in ACNH (unless you’re time traveling), data miners are doing the dirty work to find out what might be in store for everyone’s island. Following the recent update, reputable data miner Ninji allegedly discovered a number of interesting agro-centric file names.

Of course, none of this is to say that these things will actually be included in future ACNH content, but it strongly suggests that the game might have some sort of farming-type feature down the road. How else do you get vegetables if you don’t plant them in the ground?

Tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, carrots, and squash all sounds like rather autumnal foods as well. Considering the next big update is planned for fall, it seems possible we could all be celebrating a nice in-game harvest as the leaves outside change color. We might still be mostly stuck in doors, but it’d be nice to have a big feast somewhere, at least.