Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update coming April 23 introduces Nature Day, new merchants, art gallery museum, and much more

Expect to have plenty to do on your island.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not slowing down anytime soon. The latest update coming to the hit Nintendo game comes with a plethora of information. You can expect to experience plenty of new activities, all arriving in a free update set to release on April 23.

Tom Nook on Twitter

Announcement] More good times await in #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons, starting with the free April update landing on your island 4/23! Check out new seasonal events like Nature Day, two new merchants: Leif & Redd, and the addition of an art gallery to the museum! #ACNH

From Apr. 23 to May. 4, the Nature Day event will be going on in New Horizons. Nature Day coincides with the real-life event of Earth Day, which happens the day before on Apr. 22. It’s a time to celebrate the great outdoors, and you receive a discount as a Nook Miles+ member to receive five times the Nook Miles rewards during this event. There’s also May Day happening from May 1 to May 7, featuring a special island tour players can partake at Dodo Airlines.

For those who are busy working on completing your museum, you now have a brand new addition to your hard work. Alongside your bugs, fish, and fossils, you can now collect paintings in the game. You can choose to collect these paintings by visiting one of the new merchants coming to the game, Redd, who brings a boat to your island called the Treasure Traveler that docks on the side to sell you paintings and furniture. The other new merchant is Leif, who sells you azaleas.

From Jun. 1 to Jun. 30, it’s wedding season. There will be special wedding-based items available in the game, such as unique flowers, outfits, church benches with decorations, and much more. These items will be available for you to acquire throughout June.

New Horizons has plenty in store for eager island residents to continue to enjoy the many activities on the island. You can expect to hear more about each of these events once they become available, and there’s always something left for you to do on your island.