Animal Crossing: New Horizons shows off a detailed crafting system | E3 2019

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons got pushed to 2020, but what was shown in the gameplay reveal got fans excited for what is to come.

Not only did simple things like being able to place furniture outside for the first time and the extremely isolated feel of the island make the game look unique, but it was also revealed that a new crafting system will be included.

Instead of players being forced to purchase furniture, tools, and other objects, some of them are now craftable through the extremely detailed crafting system. Players will gather materials by chopping down trees, smashing rocks, digging, and doing other activities on the island that can then be used to craft things.

Right off the bat, they showed that players can gather fallen wood and use that to craft basic wooden furniture and the “flimsy” toolset, which includes all of the basic tools of the game like a fishing rod. Adding in stone will open up tools like the axe and more advanced items.

Of course, more advanced versions of the items will also be available in the island’s store, but players can avoid buying them if they would rather spend the time to gather materials to build them on their own.

It really feels like Nintendo is focusing on what fans wanted in the game, making things like the crafting system and the ability to vault over rivers without a bridge in the area available.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will release on March 2, 2020, for Nintendo Switch and fans can hardly hold in their excitement.