Animal Crossing: New Horizons stickers offer a glimpse of new characters

There are also returns for some fan favourites.

Animal Crossing Trailer Box Art

A set of new stickers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been revealed by HMV Japan, and it appears that we will see some new faces in the game.

The sticker set that was highlighted on Twitter by some eagle-eyed fans has been made available to pre-order, and sets include stickers that can be placed to the back of a regular Switch or Switch Lite.

However, amongst the colorful cast of critters that are on the sticker sets shows some new faces. These new faces include either a replacement or a relative of Joan the boar, two Dodo characters sporting pilot’s attire, and a red chameleon-like animal with a bug-catching net.

The stickers also seem to include returns for animals previously in the game but had so far been unsighted. The stickers include Celeste, Saharah, Wisp, Sable, and Labelle, which seems to confirm their appearance in New Horizons.

The game arrives in stores on March 20, so there is plenty of time for more reveals of characters to be made. The last full Nintendo Direct was in September last year, and there have been about six months between each one. It is very feasible that Nintendo will host another direct before the release of New Horizons with more details for eager fans.