Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Update 1.2.0 Teases New Event


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest update is here, and a ton of new features have just arrived. A post on r/ACPocketCamp features some of the highlights, including a datamine into the game’s upcoming event.

Pocket Camp’s 1.2.0 update brings a variety of major updates to the game. For one, campsite managers can now dress up animals after leveling up a villager’s friendship level. Certain animals cannot wear certain clothing, and animals can only be customized once they visiting your campsite. But creating outfits for your villagers will help boost your friendship level, along with bringing brand new requests to fulfill.

Update 1.2.0 now brings a slot machine to OK Motors called The Brake Tapper. Players require three Friend Powder to play a round of slots, where players earn five caps in exchange for matching three pictures. There’s also a jackpot players can earn, although it’s unclear how much it’s worth. Earning enough caps will net players different rewards, from essences for 250 caps to a sign for 5,000.

Pocket Camp’s Shovelstrike Quarry has also received a major improvement to its invite system. Players can now invite up to 10 players at once to help, instead of individually selecting fellow campsite managers and hoping they respond. This is a huge improvement to the quarry, making the quarry less frustrating by saving players’ time.

Lastly, several new events have been added into the game’s files. There’s a “crystal collection,” a timed “event challenge” for collecting crystals, a “trial challenge,” and something called “host the most.” The event seems to be based in collecting crystals by engaging in requests from villagers, players can then use to craft crystal-themed clothes and furniture. No official Crystal Collection Event has been announced yet, however, so it’s unclear when the new seasonal event is coming.

Head on over to the r/ACPocketCamp datamining thread to read more on Pocket Camp’s latest update. And in the meantime, check out the latest rumors on Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp