Nintendo is Listening to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Feedback, Reviews


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Rover’s Garden Safari event is officially over, and that means it’s time for the Winter’s Sports Event. But even though Rover’s event is long gone, Nintendo vows to listen to fans that felt frustrated by the safari’s second half.

Controversy first began around Pocket Camp after Rover’s Garden Safari received a new update halfway through the event. Fans quickly found the game too hard, sending a wave of feedback and reviews toward Nintendo. Many argued the Pocket Camp event’s butterfly capture rate was too low in order to properly collect items before the end.

Now that the event is over, Nintendo has stepped in and promised to take steps forward to assure Pocket Camp’s events are both fair and fun.

“We’ve heard your feedback and will take it into account for future events,” Nintendo’s Animal Crossing U.K. Twitter account tweeted. “We hope that you continue to enjoy [Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp].”

As for how Nintendo will change Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s events in the near future, that remains unclear. But at the very least, Nintendo understands that Pocket Camp’s rewards shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. Rather, fans believe the focus should be on fun and engaging challenges. And so far, it sounds like Nintendo is taking that advice into account.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp