Nintendo is Offering Free Leaf Tickets, Crystal Shards in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Good news for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp fans eager to increase their Leaf Tickets and crystal shards. Nintendo is offering 20 Leaf Tickets and over two dozen crystal shards for free simply for signing into Pocket Camp from now until late March.

The giveaway comes after Nintendo patched up several issues plaguing Pocket Camp, including a bug that forced the game to close while at the title screen and a display problem that crashed Pocket Camp. So in exchange for fans’ patience with bugs, Nintendo has offered 30 Crystal Shards and 20 Leaf Tickets for free from Feb. 23 until March 23. Both gifts can be picked up from players’ mailboxes after logging into the game.

This isn’t the first time that Pocket Camp has grappled with bugs. After one glitch plagued Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, Nintendo gave out 20 Leaf Tickets to players impacted by the issue. It just goes to show, if you stumble across a problem in Pocket Camp, report it. Nintendo may just give you a gift in exchange for your patience.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp