Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s fruit party has begun

Yet another event has started in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Like other garden-style events before it, Fruit Party with Katie tasks Pocket Camp players with growing special, limited-time flowers and collecting butterflies. For the fruit party, the butterflies are “apple butterflies.” Players will be able to earn limited-time fruit-themed decorations for their campsites.

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The event started on May 4 and will continue through May 14. It’s broken up into two halves, the second of which begins on May 9.

Players have to first earn seasonal seeds to participate in the event. Green-strawberry seeds and red-strawberry seeds are available for the Fruit Party with Katie. You’ll get a few free to start, but otherwise, seeds can be earned by doing animal requests during the event.

Plant the seeds in the garden and wait for them to fruit. Butterflies will eventually show up, and it’s these that act as the currency for the fruit party. Once you’ve caught butterflies, Katie will collect them and give out prizes.

Once the event is over, players won’t be able to trade in their butterflies for rewards—so make sure to get them to Katie in time.