Gulliver is Coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may be getting a new villager, sort of. Gulliver, the gift-giving sailor seagull, was just teased by Nintendo earlier today.

News first came after Nintendo’s Japanese Animal Crossing Twitter account posted a teaser photo on Wednesday night showing Gulliver chatting with a campsite manager and lying down, passed out on the ground. By Thursday, Nintendo of America’s Twitter shared the same photo, this time including a teaser caption in English.

“Something tells me this seafaring seagull will wash ashore soon,” the tweet reads. “So be sure to keep your eyes on the horizon!”

Gulliver is one of several special animals that have featured throughout the Animal Crossing series, from the original Japanese Animal Forest all the way to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Largely appearing as either an astronaut or a sailor, Gulliver suddenly appears in town and provides a special item to the player. In New Leaf, players answer a trivia question about Gulliver’s destination in exchange for a present. Meanwhile, in the original Animal Crossing, Gulliver rewards players who listen to his story by giving them special furniture.

It isn’t clear how players will interact with Gulliver when he washes ashore in Pocket Camp, but it’s safe to say that he’ll certainly bring some goodies with him when he inevitably does come to the game. In the meantime, dataminers haven’t found any code relating to Gulliver quite yet, so players may have to wait for a few more updates before they can finally chat with Animal Crossing fans’ favorite sailor.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp