Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fan Creates Homemade Flower Trade Guide


Need a reference guide for growing flowers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Instead of downloading a digital chart off Reddit, try creating one by hand. That’s what one Pocket Camp fan did, creating a homemade pamphlet that lists the various items she can receive in exchange for trading flowers.

Over on Reddit’s r/ACPocketCamp, user missEAGLE posted a flower trade guide decorated in marker, stickers, hearts, and a floral border. The reference chart lists the number of flowers she needs to exchange in order to receive items from Lloid, with flowers split between tulips and pansies.

Image via [missEAGLE](

According to her original post, missEAGLE created the chart to keep track of items she’s already received, as the game doesn’t actually tally how many items a player owns through flower exchanges.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s gardening feature is pretty straightforward, but it can become tedious at times. Nintendo has since vowed to improve the game’s flower garden, letting users plant, water, and harvest multiple plants at once.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp