Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fans Unearth New Info on Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest event is coming up, and a new datamine sheds light onto what players can expect.

A report from r/ACPocketCamp’s bluesun confirms that Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, which was originally datamined a couple days back, will be similar to Rover’s Garden Safari. This time around, players are growing Gothic roses and catching bats. There’s two parts to the event, just like Rover’s, and the game essentially substitutes flowers for roses and butterflies for bats.

But fans that were upset by Rover’s second half shouldn’t worry. There’s a higher catch rate for bats this time around, and players will be rewarded with seeds when sharing bats, suggesting Nintendo has been listening to fans’ responses. Roses will grow in three hours but never require water, too, as they don’t wilt. And camp managers can trade red roses for Fusion seeds, which means players constantly have an incentive to refresh their gardens with new roses.

The datamine post also suggests that the event will start on Feb. 1 and run until Feb. 10, giving players nine days to work through the event, with the second half starting on Feb. 6. Rover’s Garden Safari originally ran 10 days in comparison, so a nine-day adventure makes sense. Nintendo has yet to confirm when Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival will drop, but at this rate, fans will walk in with plenty of information to prepare.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp