Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new animals bring a sword and washing machine


Five new animals have arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, each bringing along a few new items to the campsite.

Bam the deer, Broccolo the mouse, Merry the cat, and Snake the rabbit are now available to befriend in Pocket Camp. As with any new additions to the Nintendo mobile game, animal friendships level up faster for a short period of time, thanks to the Host the Most Initiative. To get these animals to your campsite, you’ll have to acquire a bunch of furniture they like—reaching a certain level will unlock an extra special item.

Here’s the list of special items.

  • Bam—Exercise ball
  • Broccolo—Tricycle
  • Snake—Sword
  • Merry—Washing machine

Nintendo also appears to be teasing a new Pocket Camp event on the official Twitter account. “Time for a glimpse of what’s to come, everyone,” Nintendo wrote on Twitter. “I see colorful playing cards… and an adorable outfit. Whatever is on the way, it looks wonderful.”

The items seem to be related to Alice in Wonderland, with the playing card motifs and Alice’s blue dress. Nintendo did not mention when the event will go live, but it’ll likely start when the Super Mario Bros. crossover ends on April 10. A third phase for the Super Mario Bros. event is scheduled to begin on March 31.