Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fan Creates Foolproof Strategy For The Brake Tapper


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s 1.2.0 update is here, and it’s brought a brand new minigame: OK Motors’ slots machine, also known as The Brake Tapper. Normally, the game is relatively easy to win. But one player has found out how to assure a nearly perfect score every time.

Over at r/ACPocketCamp, Redditor Conservation_OA created a video demonstrating a “near 100% win method” for earning caps while playing Break Tapper. As it turns out, winning the game largely comes down to spamming the slot button as fast as possible for the first and third slots. Using two thumbs works best, but a single finger will work fine for the most part.

As for the second slot, just time to hit the fourth image that appears, which will always land you a perfect match. Conservation_OA recommends practicing to check the timing, but this strategy will otherwise land plays a “99% win rate with this method.”

There are some complications to keep in mind, though. At times, players may accidentally press the slot button early for the last slot, although it’s rare and largely happens toward the early rounds, not the bigger 30 and 50 cap bounties during the minigame. As the game speeds up for the 50 cap reward round, players will also have to use both thumbs to spam the slot button, not just a single finger

Head on over to Conservation_OA’s r/ACPocketCamp thread to check out the full video demonstrating the technique. And in the meantime, catch The OP’s guide to Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp