Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update adds underwater terrain, easier gardening


A new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update went live, adding easier gardening and underwater terrain to the Nintendo mobile game.

The update went live yesterday following a period of maintenance. Size records for fish and bugs have been added, which are available for viewing in the Catalog at any time. Likewise, gardening has been made easier, allowing players to plant, harvest, and water multiple flowers at once.

Minor updates have been made to the Pocket Camp graphics, the most notable of which is that spring has sprung in Pocket Camp. The snow’s melted, and we’re back to all grass.

Additional terrain has been added to Pocket Camp, too. Players can now turn their campsite into an underwater wonderland. Here’s what it costs.

  • Seafloor (middle)—250 Leaf Tickets
  • Seafloor (foreground)—150 Leaf Tickets
  • Seafloor (background)—150 Leaf Tickets
  • Ocean sky—300 Leaf Tickets
  • Coral fence—200 Leaf Tickets

A tweet from the Animal Crossing Twitter suggests the underwater terrain theme may be connected to the upcoming fishing contest event, which will likely start when the Super Mario Bros. crossover event ends. New underwater-themed furniture is also on display in the tweet.