Mom Turns Animal Crossing’s Cece and Viché Into Adorable Plushies


Some moms go the extra mile for their kids, and that’s exactly what Redditor ShinyGirafarig did this month. Her daughter is celebrating her first birthday, so she decided to create two plushies of Cece and Viché, Callie and Marie’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf counterparts.

ShinyGirafarig began working on the two plushies late last year, putting them together throughout November and December. The final result looks just like the in-game models for both characters, too. Check out the photos below.

Image via [MatrixMarioX](

ShinyGirafarig’s plushies even come with rattles built inside, too. Perfect for any young Splatoon or Animal Crossing fan, no? Check out her recording below to see what they sound like.

If Cece and Viché sound somewhat unfamiliar, that’s because they’re two special villagers unlocked via Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Players can use Callie and Marie’s amiibos to unlock the characters. That feature was originally introduced into New Leaf as part of the Welcome Amiibo Update back in Nov. 2016.

ShinyGirafarig isn’t the first Animal Crossing fan to bring her favorite characters into the real world. Last month, one player 3D printed Ketchup the duck and created a real-life replica of her. With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp only gaining further popularity, expect more Animal Crossing crafts in the coming months ahead.

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