Anthem Sold 10% Of What Destiny Sold In Its UK Launch Week


Anthem has finally launched on Friday 22, 2019, and it’s time for us to give its sales data a deeper look so we can guess whether it was a successful launch or not.

While we don’t have the full picture, we have some quite interesting numbers to look into, as reported by analyst Daniel Ahmad.

According to Ahmad, who shared those information on ResetEra, the game only managed to sell around 10% of what the original Destiny sold in its launch week in the United Kingdom.

Considering that Destiny managed to sell 417,000, this means that Anthem only sold around 40,000 copies in that territory.

It’s worth noting that this data only covers physical copies, so there’s a chance it gets a bit bigger once digital is taken into account.

Also, it should be considered that back in the days we didn’t know Destiny would’ve turned out the game it was, and defined a completely different genre from Bungie’s previous games.

Indeed, Destiny 2 only sold 175,000 units in its launch week, meaning that now people are more aware of what these games actually are and that the genre could’ve a bit of fatigue.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the direction where Anthem is heading for the short term future, you can read the official three month roadmap.