Anthem Bad Reviews Due To PC Version, Says Pachter


During a recent interview with CNBC, analyst Michael Pachter has commented Anthem‘s bad reviews, claiming there’s a specific reason for them.

According to Pachter, it was “a mistake” from Electronic Arts to allow the game to be reviewed based on the PC version.

“My personal view is that this is just not a PC game — there is flying in the game, and maneuvering your flying character is like driving a car,” the analyst said.

“The controls just don’t work well for that on PC, and they work flawlessly on (video game consoles),” he added.

Pachter also thinks that the console release will end its run with around 10 points higher on average than its PC counterpart.

This achievement would be “still bad, but not a disaster,” he commented, before adding that this hasn’t been a very good year for Electronic Arts.

“The chatter on issues with the game surfaced over the weekend, so the review scores are consistent with that.

EA has executed poorly all year (they expect $4.75 billion in revenue now and guided to $5.55 billion 9 months ago). Poor reviews for Anthem are consistent with their poor execution all year.”

Anyway, Apex Legends is “working phenomenally well,” and this is one of the very few satisfactions for the publisher lately.

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