Anthem Bug Bricks PS4, EA Working To Fix It


Over the last few hours, fans have shared their concern about an Anthem bug which is bricking their PlayStation 4 consoles.

Those reports coming from Reddit have found quite a big resonance, even being backed by Kotaku, and the thing has arrived straight to BioWare and EA.

Indeed, Electronic Arts has issued a statement claiming it is aware of the issue and wants to collect all the proper information before it can apply a patch.

“We’re aware of a crashing issue some of you have been reporting for Anthem,” the official Twitter account EA Help said.

“We’re investigating and ask that you share your crash data reports when prompted.”

The discussion has been opened over the official customer service forums at EA, and is being filled right now with reports – more than 550 users have taken part to the thread thus far.

Interestingly, the bug is only ‘working’ on PS4 for some reason, and at least from what we know is not having an impact on Xbox One.

We’ll update you as soon as Electronic Arts and BioWare have something more on the matter. In the meantime, have a look at our Anthem review in order to know more about the game.