Anthem’s Day One Patch Introduces New Bugs

BioWare’s day one patch for Anthem has come out, and it dramatically improves the loading screen times in the game. Many in Anthem’s early access have voiced their opinion about the loadings screen taking too long, so getting this sorted out was a big win for EA before the game’s official release. However, when you root out one problem, another rears its head.

Some players downloaded the new patch and are now having issues with the game’s frame rate. The framerate now drops to such a terrible rate, Anthem can feel more like an awful powerpoint slide rather than a high-intensity over the shoulder shooter.

The FPS drop is the most widely seen issue, at the moment. There are other problems as well, such as players having issues with getting into their Javelin after they complete the final mission, getting disconnected every few missions and thrown back to the start screen, unable to begin strongholds, and some cannot load up their game anymore. Check out the Reddit page where players are posting their issues, along with what hardware they’re running. There are a handful of temporary solutions offered in the comments, so if you’re having a problem, you might find a brief fix for your issue.

It’s not an exciting time for the developers at BioWare, but this may give them a good enough lead time to prepare for the official release of the game. If they can get another hot-fix out quickly enough, it may improve their chances for a successful first official day. There’s been no word, but if you’re experiencing an issue, make sure BioWare’s team knows about it. The best way to notify them of your problem is to post it to EA’s help center, which you can contact here.

Anthem officially releases tomorrow, on Feb. 22.