Anthem Expected To Sell 5-6 Million Units By March 31, 2019

Electronic Arts has revealed how many units it expect Anthem to sell after its February 22, 2019 launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the publisher, the latest game by BioWare is anticipated to reach around 5 or 6 million units by the end of its financial year.

Considering the financial year is ending for EA on March 31, 2019, it looks like Anthem has six weeks to achieve this milestone.

EA’s Andrew Wilson claims that, despite the technical issues, the demo has allowed “people… to realize it is a game that’s unlike any other game they’ve ever played.”

“We think there is a great opportunity not just this year for [Anthem], but that should sell well for a long period of time as we add more content through the live service plan.”

Of course, Electronic Arts plans sales to be good on the longer term, too, looking at the always online nature of the title.

Most recently, the publisher has noted that Battlefield V has performed way below the expectations, which proves it has to better look into things that can help the franchise and overall its properties shine.

Anthem is the first game by BioWare after the luckluster Mass Effect Andromeda and to many it is a chance for the studio to redeem – or have an even worse time.

Hopefully things will go by plan and there won’t be any issue both for the game and the other titles in the making at the Canadian development team, in particular the next Dragon Age.

Source: GamesIndustry