Anthem’s Featured Store Rotation for The Weekend

The items in Anthem’s featured store rotate twice a week, and all the gear you purchase from the store are strictly cosmetic. You shouldn’t find anything that modifies your time playing Anthem, other than how much thunder your Javelin brings when it enters the battlefield.

There are two epic-rated cosmetic items featured at the store every rotation, along with four other items each varying from uncommon to epic. To purchase any item from this store you’re going to use Anthem’s Coin system, or the game’s premium currency, Shards. You earn Coin by completing missions, contracts, and receive a certain amount based on your Alliance rank at the end of every Monday.

Anthem’s Featured Items

Graphic: Abyssal Depths

One of the bigger items hitting the store is the Abyssal Depths, a graphic that’ll go on your Javelin at a specific location. The emblem changes based on your chosen Javelin type, but they all have the same appearance.

Abyssal Depths

Emote: The Robot

If you thought your Javelin was robotic before, now have it dance while you and your squadmates wait for the next boss to show up. The dance works for all Javelins, but it may look a little different based on the type. For example, a Colossus may show it off more than the sleeker Interceptor.

Anthem: The Robot

Other Featured Items

Graphic: Deadface

You can find another epic item among Anthem’s smaller items called Deadface, and it’s a graphic, similar to the Abyssal Depths. For those who wanted to add a skull icon on their Javelin, this is the item for you. The Deadface graphic is worth the same amount as the Abyssal Depths; it’s worth 36,000 Coins or 600 Shards.

Anthem Deadface

Fabric: Cotton Star Pattern 1

You’re also going to find a rare material pattern called Cotton Star Pattern 1. With this, you can modify the way your Javelin’s armor looks, adding increased depth and creativity to how your Javelin stands out amongst your squadmates.

Cotton Star Pattern 1

Graphic: Midnight Shield

The uncommon Midnight Shield graphic places an almost insect-like face decal on your Javelin. Perfect if you want to show off how to anyone how much you hate the game’s Skorpions, and brag about how many you’ve taken down.

Midnight Shield

Decal: Fiend’s Luck

The final item is the Fiend’s Luck decal. Decals are different than graphics, in that they are not as prominently displayed on your Javelin, and don’t change as much of your armor’s coloring. They do take up the same slot, though. So you can’t have a graphic and a decal on your Javelin at the same time.

Fiend's Luck

How Long Do You Have?

You have until late next Monday to acquire these items, and then the next rotation goes up. You might see these items in a future rotation, though.