Anthem’s Featured Store Rotation for This Week

There’s a new series of appearance items available in Anthem’s featured store. These items rotate out twice a week, once on Tuesday and then on Friday. Nothing in this store directly changes the gameplay, merely your Javelin’s look. There are two epic-rated cosmetic items featured during every rotation, along with four other items of varying rarity. To purchase these items, you can use Anthem’s Coin system, or the game’s premium currency, Shards, which you have to buy using real money. You can acquire Coins by playing the game, completing story missions, and you receive a certain amount at the end of each week based on your alliance rank.

Anthem’s Featured Items

Emote: Tell it to the Hand

Tell it to the hand

When you’re tired of hearing your squadmates talking how about severely you messed up your Javelin’s combo, you can tell them what they can do. This is a fun emote for those looking to give their Javelin a little more sass.

Emote: Air Guitar

Air guitar

You can have your Javelin shred sick guitar notes after successfully taking down a tough boss. It’s a fun way to show your approval for something and you get to watch your Javelin rock out for a few seconds.

Other Featured Items

Graphic: Gate Crasher

Gate Crasher

The rare Gate Crasher graphic makes for a stark, robust Javelin design change, leaning more towards an official look rather than the other rebellious graphic appearances.

Fabric: Soft Cloth Triangles

Soft Cloth Triangles

You can make your Javelin’s armor stand out even more with this fabric modify, changing the appearance to feature a smooth, cloth material. For those who look hard enough, you’ll catch small triangles scattered on the material.

Decal: Dark Formation

Dark Formation

Here’s an uncommon decal, which is different than a graphic. Decals do not change up your Javelin’s color too much and are not as predominantly shown. However, they take up the same slot as a graphic does. So if you want to use this decal, you cannot wear a graphic at the same time.

Graphic: Deadface


The final item in this weekend’s rotation is the epic Deadface graphic. Unfortunately, this was offered up during last weekend’s featured rotation, so it’s disappointing to see it again so soon. You can pick this item up for 36,000 coins or 600 shards.