Anthem: There Be Giants Guide and Walkthrough

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There’s a limited time event going on in Anthem right now, and in it, players must locate four named titans. You can find these titans wandering around the Freeplay zone, the open-world exploration area outside of Fort Tarsis. We’ve already established where these titans are for you, so all you need to do is take them down.

The Titans do not have fancy, integral names you’d need to understand by reading Anthem’s cordex, the game’s library that details all of the critical background information. Their names are Havoc, War, Ruin, and Bane. They’re spread out throughout the Freeplay zone. Once you’ve taken them all down, by yourself or with a squad, you’ll receive an epic graphics you can display on your Javelin, called Foundation. At this time, we do not have a preview of it.

While hunting these fearsome foes, make sure you’re tracking your progress, and you can know how much time you have left. You can do this from the challenge menu, underneath “combat.” In the combat section, you should see the title There Be Giants. In the mission detail screen, it should say how much time you have left to complete the challenge, and show how many titans you’ve already defeated.

Here are the titan’s locations:

The Havoc Titan Location

The Havoc Titan's locations

The War Titan Location

The War Titan's location

The Ruin Titan Location

The Ruin Titan's location

The Bane Titan Location

The Bane Titan location

Sometimes, do spawn in different areas. For example, the Bane titan is notorious for showing up somewhere in the northern region of Valley of Tarsis. However, you have a likely chance of him showing up somewhere more south, closer to the edge of the map. The same goes for the Ruin titan, in the Grand Falls Canyon. If you do not find the titans in the exact locations listed above. Fear not. If you roam around these general areas long enough, you should see them eventually.

Keep in mind: if you do perish to taking down these titans, they remain in the same spot. You do not need to scour the entire map to locate them after you’ve found them.