Anthem Producer Reassures Fans EA Won’t Shut BioWare Down

Anthem Producer Reassures Fans EA Won't Shut BioWare Down

One of the narratives preceeding the release of Anthem was that, should the game be unsuccessful, Electronic Arts could’ve shut BioWare down.

Anyway, this isn’t apparently going to happen, as shared by the game’s producer Michael Gamble in a few conversations with fans on Twitter.

He kindly asked fans not to worry about what’s going on over BioWare, since the studio has still a lot of work left to be done and doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon.

“Don’t worry about us. We got lots of work to do, but you aren’t the only one who likes Anthem,” said Gamble.

“Lots of folks are playing Anthem, and we’ve announced our live service plans. Don’t worry about that, we are getting great support.”

The notion of BioWare being in danger was born around the Mass Effect Andromeda release, which was ultimately unsuccessful at least in terms of the quality studio supporters were expecting out of that title.

At any rate, it seems EA’s relationship with the team is pretty healthy, as it has not only been working on Anthem lately, but also on the next chapter of the Dragon Age series which has already been officially teased.