Anthem Bricking PS4s: Refunds Being Requested

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Update: It appears the issue has become prominent enough for EA to have asked fans for help getting to the bottom of the problem. A thread seeking help diagnosing the issue has appeared on EA Answers HQ. If you are affected by the issue, I would strongly suggest going there and giving any information that you can.

Original Story: Despite multiple demos, and being in full release for a couple of weeks, Anthem is providing some players with a very serious issue. While playing the game, some people are experiencing a full system crash, where the console they are playing on will shut down completely. Some users have reported serious issues trying to get their consoles up and running again.

At present, the problem is being reported by both PS4, and Xbox One, users.

This is leading to a flurry of worry, and refund requests, from affected players. Full system crashes are easily one of the most troubling issues to experience on a console, and those affected rightfully worry about potential damage to their systems.

If you need help with requesting a refund on either the Playstation Store, or the Microsoft Store, just follow the links. Unfortunately, these policies will only apply to people who purchased their game digitally, if you purchased from a retail store, you will need to return there and seek a refund.

At the moment, neither Bioware, Sony, nor Microsoft have made any statements about this issue, but we will update the article if they do.