Anthem Review Early Impressions: “Fascinating And Flawed”

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Anthem has been through a 10 hour trial on EA Access, which has allowed the press to provide us with some interesting early impressions ahead of the reviews coming later this week.

An interesting piece of preview comes from Eurogamer, which claims the game is “fascinating and flawed” at the same time.

The title is “flawed” by a lot of bugs, which, according to the site, are almost linked to the fact that the latest from BioWare is based on Frostbite.

“Anthem’s cause isn’t helped by a litany of bugs and flaws that feel inexcusable for a title that’s coming this late to the game,” says the preview.

Among the issues, we can find preferences that don’t get saved, rewards bug out at the end of missions, progress that doesn’t get recognised.

“Yet still beneath all that there is the spark of something in Anthem – a glimmer in its Rocketeer-like jetpacks, or in the dazzle of its chaotic combat,” says the preview.

“As ever with a game designed to monopolise your free time, Anthem’s real merits won’t come into focus for weeks, when it becomes clear how quickly EA and BioWare can fight fires while catering to players’ demands.

Then there’s the question of whether BioWare has enough to time to do justice to a fascinating, deeply flawed game.”

If you’re interested in the game but don’t know which editions you should buy, you can look over our dedicated guide.