No Season Pass or Paid DLC Planned for Anthem

 No Season Pass or Paid DLC Planned for Anthem

Mike Gamble, the Lead Producer on Anthem for Bioware, has been answering many questions about the upcoming loot shooter on Twitter lately. Among the many questions, one that stands out is confirmation that Anthem will not offer any Season Pass or future paid DLC.

Anthem Season Pass Not Planned

On the surface, the fact that Anthem will not require a season pass for players to get new content seems like a positive sign. Bioware has talked in the past about how it plans to expand the universe of Anthem with new content continually, and not having to pay for that surely sounds wonderful.

Critics on Reddit didn’t take long to point out the potential downsides of the lack of paid DLC, however. Given that EA is the publisher behind Anthem, and has a bit of a rough history when it comes to locking content behind paywalls in the form of microtransactions, a healthy bit of skepticism is warranted.

Will Anthem feature microtransactions? How will EA justify the ongoing expense of running a service like Anthem? Those are all valid questions, especially in the light of the experiences that Bungie has made with Destiny over the year. There’s certainly no shortage of documented missteps when it comes to financing ongoing content, both from EA directly, and from other publishers operating in the same space.

Time will tell if the lack of a Season Pass is a good or bad thing for Anthem. If you’re interested in more of the answers that Mike Gamble provided, be sure to check out his Twitter feed.