Anthem’s Social Accounts Have Been Silent For A Month Now


BioWare has been through quite a lot over the last few weeks. The studio has been in the middle of a controversy in terms of how it handles its developers, and also because the senior management team has been dubbed unable to lead it and continuously changing design ideas even weeks before games’ launches.

That has apparently had an impact on Anthem, too, which has seen its roadmap shaken off a lot as the team was busy making the core game better at human working hours before adding more features.

The news of the delay, which was quite anticipated, was the last thing we’ve heard about the game, as BioWare has been totally quite in a month. Something you don’t expect from a live game.

The last piece of information coming from the official Twitter account of the title was dropped on April 30, 2019, and that was a retweet from EA Help that informed users about the end of maintenance.

Before that date, a patch was deployed on April 23, which seems to have been the only thing the studio has done on the live game in this period.

So, for what we know, the development has passed in the hands of BioWare Austin, as initially planned, to let BioWare Edmonton kick off the work on Dragon Age 4.

There’s a chance the guys in Austin need more time before doing something concrete on the title, which would be understandable considering that plans were quite disattended at launch, although that would still be disappointing as they made promises about the amount of content coming after it.

With EA Play starting on June 8 and a livestream planned to be coming from Los Angeles, it’s likely that the game will be there and share more details about what’s next, so stick around if you don’t want to miss the latest.