Anthem’s 90-Day Roadmap Unveiled: What’s to Come

Bioware posted a three-month road map for Anthem of upcoming events over the weekend. The roadmap contains plenty of teasing details about what the development team has planned, but the roadmap doesn’t offer exact details about anything listed.

The roadmap teases new items, quests, weekly events, and cosmetics for March, April, and May.

Players can expect to have a new free-play event each week where they wander around Anthem’s map searching for powerful enemies to take down. The first event for February was There Be Giants. There are two more free-play events set to happen this month, one is called Outlaw Outrage, and the other is Shaper Surge.

In March, the first series of Legendary Missions get released. The roadmap does not provide any details about these missions, but players can expect to encounter daunting tasks to complete and receive rewards for finishing them. Another new thing coming to Anthem in March are Elysian Stronghold Caches, which get listed as “new cosmetics.” There are no details on how players earn these items, at this time.

In April, BioWare wants to push the multiplayer aspect of Anthem by releasing a new stronghold for players to conquer, along with a new weekly stronghold challenge. To encourage player interaction, April will see the introduction of a guild system. By offering guilds, players will likely have more options to help their friends beyond the game’s alliance system. The second phase of Legendary Missions gets released during this time, too.

BioWare list May in their roadmap, but the slots for that month are set to “Cortex Locked,” which is the game’s library. We can expect the developers to release further details when they’re ready to share them.

At the end of the blog post, there are locked sections for Anthem’s act 2 and act 3. These acts are likely going to break up the summer and fall season in Anthem, each with a unique theme.

You can read the full details here.