Anthem’s best weapon is the starting weapon due to loot scaling issue

It appears that the weapons you start out with in Bioware’s Anthem may actually be stronger than weapons with higher levels.

Ever since launch, Anthem’s loot system has always felt unbalance. One common comment among players is that no matter how high of a level your weapon is, it never appears that you’re getting stronger in game.

It’s a weird problem that Anthem has had since it came out, and for a while most gamers had no idea why it is like that.

Fortunately, YeetLordSupreme on Reddit may have solved the case. YeetLordSupreme was experimenting with some of the guns in the game, and decided to compare the damage output between the weapons. They used a level 45 Masterwork Ralner’s Blaze and a level 1 common Defender rifle on a scar trooper. The Ralner’s Blaze is supposed to do over a thousand points of damage on a scar trooper, and a level 1 Defender should only do two-hundred-and-eighty.

According to YeetLordSupreme’s experiment, the Defender actually killed the scar trooper with fewer bullets than the Ralner’s. The Defender was able to slay the scar trooper with only four bullets, whereas the Ralner slay it with six bullets.

YeetLordSupreme surmises it is either a bug in Anthem, or damage numbers on weapons do not accurately reflect the actual damage the weapons can do. Commenters on the Reddit post have also shared similar experiences with the weapons.

The Reddit post quickly grew; it currently has nine thousand up votes. Brenan Holmes, a technical design director from Bioware, eventually responded with a comment that says they’ll be investigating the matter. Apparently the scaling system was meant to give lower level players a chance against higher level enemies. That may be reason why the damage outputs in Anthem’s weapons are so inconsistent.

It is expected that Bioware will patch this at some put in the future.