New Apex Legends event gives fans Bloodhound lore, cosmetics, permanent duos

New Apex Legends event gives fans everything they’ve been asking for.

Bloodhound Slatra beast

Apex Legends has been around for over a year now, and it’s not too uncommon to check the comments section of their social media only to see it spammed with wants and desires of their player base.

After the game was rebalanced, most of the comments were asking for more lore, especially of the elusive and mystery tracker, bloodhound, while others were asking for King’s Canyon to be here for more than just a weekend here or there.

Luckily for fans, Respawn’s got you covered.

Old Ways Bloodhound Event

What better way to kick off a new lore event than new a new video? Apex Legends’ newest ‘Stories from the Outlands’ cinematic short ‘The Old Ways’ debuted with the event announcement detailing Bloodhound’s past. We learn about how they grew up, what drives them, and how they have become a blend of tradition and modern combat through their fight against a beast.

Bloodhound and Artur
Image via Respawn

The Old Ways Bloodhound lore event for star April 7and end two weeks later on April 21.

Town Takeover

Not every event comes with a takeover, so fans will be excited to play the new temporary game mode ‘Bloodhound’s Trials’. Just like Bloodhound did, now it’s your chance to fight and take down beasts with your team. Shoot down prowlers and get high-tier loot. But don’t think this battle is just man vs. beast, no. There will still be other teams in the ring.

Prize Track and Event Shop

Just like in the past two events, Grand Soiree and System Override, The Old Ways event will operate via tickets and prizes. Collect 250 tickets to get the first prize, but can you get 4,000 and unlock everything the track has to offer?

Some highlights of the prize track include a new gun charm and a new skin for Gibraltar.

The Old Ways prize track
Image via Respawn

There is also direct purchase available via the shop. This is where you can get Bloodhound’s new exclusive skin ‘Young Blood’ as well as a number of new never before seen cosmetics. In addition to the new items, the shop will also be bringing back all of the ‘hunt’ skins from prior events, such as ‘Voices from the Past’ Wraith.

Young Blood and more
Image via Respawn

Duos and Kings Canyon

With this event comes the option to play with a traditional 3 person squad or duos on World’s Edge or Kings Canyon. After Bloodhound’s event comes to a close, however, those options aren’t going anywhere. That’s right: Respawn heard fans and listened. Duos and Kings Canyon are going to be permanent play options along side World’s Edge and Trios.

This long-awaited change seemed to come at a perfect time. All-father, give us sight.