Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1 Boosts Caustic, Gibraltar, and Balances Sniper Rifles, and Battle Pass XP Bonus Event

The next patch for Apex Legends, 1.1.1, hits today. There are plenty of Legend balances, including numerous weapon modifications to ensure every player doesn’t immediately go for select options when they have so many weapons in the game.

The two big Legends to receive changes are Caustic and Gibraltar. These Legends have larger hitboxes than other characters, and the developers expressed they wanted to modify these hitboxes to make it fairer to players who actively picked them. However, while the change worked for Pathfinder, nothing every fit well for these two. To make it easier for both characters to survive they now have a 10 percent damage reduction passive, making them harder to take down.

Caustic’s gas is also more lethal, with the tick damage increasing from one to four, and having an increased range to throw his ultimate from 28 meters to 33.

Gibraltar’s overall Sheild health is increasing from 50 to 75, making it harder for his defenses to go down.

There are a handful of weapon changes, but some of the most notable revisions settle around the G7 Scout, Triple Take, and Longbow DMR all having their leg shot damage reduced from 25 percent to 10, and they’ve had their weapon sway decreased by 33 percent, and their sway speed by 25 percent. While it’s easier to hit targets, a player cannot purely focus shooting at an enemy’s legs to achieve victory. A player cannot fire the long-range weapon fast enough at an opponent’s legs to do the same damage they’d do to their chest or head.

Closer to the bottom of the patch notes is a notice about a Battle Pass XP Bonus Event. The squad of players who make it to the top five of a game receives a full bonus Battle Pass level, up to the max level 110. You can only earn this once per day, and this event starts today, April 16, and ends on the 18.

Here are the overall patch notes, which should have already gone out and is ready for you to download.

Legend Changes


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gas Damage per tick increased: 1 -> 4

  • Ultimate Throw distance increased: 28 meters -> 33 meters


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gun Shield health increased: 50 -> 75

Weapon Balancing


  • Lowered leg shot damage reduction: 25% -> 10%

  • Reduced base weapon sway by about 33%

  • Reduced base sway speed by about 25%


  • Increased fire rate 1.2 -> 1.6

  • Increased magazine size

    • Base mag increased: 5 -> 6 rounds

    • Common mag extender increased: 6 -> 8 rounds

    • Rare mag extender increased: 8 -> 10 rounds

    • Epic mag extender increased: 10 -> 12 rounds


  • Increased base magazine size: 25 -> 32 rounds

  • Charge Beam

    • Reduced cost per shot: 5 -> 4

    • Increased close range damage: 55 -> 60

    • Increased damage at range: 45 -> 50

    • Close range damage falloff increased: 35m -> 75m

    • Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m -> 125m


  • Reduced magazine size

    • Base mag reduced: 6 -> 4 rounds

    • Common mag extender reduced: 8 -> 6 rounds

    • Rare mag extender reduced: 9 -> 8 rounds

    • Epic mag extender reduced: 12 -> 10 rounds


  • Reduced base damage: 20 -> 18

  • Magazine extender attachments reduced

    • Common mag extender reduced: 45 -> 40 rounds

    • Rare mag extender reduced: 55 -> 45 rounds

    • Eprc mag extender reduced: 60 -> 55 rounds


  • Gold Havoc

    • Now has Turbocharger

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold R301

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold Wingman

    • Now has the digital threat


In honor of Thicc-boi buffs, we’re going to be running a bonus Battle Pass XP event. From approximately 10 AM PST 4/16 through approximately 10 AM PST 4/18, your first Top 5 of the day (your squad places 5th or better in a match) will grant you one full bonus Battle Pass Level (29,500 BPP), up to a max of level 110. You can earn this once per day.

Additional Changes


  • Increased the speed of the ship by about 50%

    • We felt that the ship was moving a bit too slow after watching player behavior so we’re speeding it up, so players that like to drop later in the flight path don’t have to wait so long.


  • Fixed UI bug where the wrong percentage would be displayed for all boost badges.