Apex Legends Could Be Introducing Dragons

We’ve already reported at the launch of Season 1 battle pass for Apex Legends, and if you want to learn more you’d do better to look over here.

Anyway, it looks like Respawn Entertainment still has a lot of surprises for its fans, and that we’re just seeing the beginning of the post launch support for the battle royale game.

Indeed, according to dataminers, the EA owned studio could be introducing dragons to the title, or at least creatures that remember of them very closely.

Codes in the game files talk about them as “flyers,” which means those creatures can fly and perhaps act like NPC that can have an impact on gameplay.

For example, while playing, you could be required to have a look at them and at all the risks that their presence could be implying.

Of course, it is worth noting that the fact flyers are mentioned in the code of the game doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to see them in the actual title anytime soon.

Sure enough, it could be one of the means thanks to which Respawn could be further varying the gameplay experience for its fans.

Are you into dragons? Would you like to see them in Apex Legends, would you see them fitting in the story of the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.