Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event brings Rampart Takeovers and new skins

Rampart’s taking over.

Evolution Collection Event banner

Image via Respawn

The first major event of Season 10 has finally been announced. It is a Collection Event and it is themed around Apex Legends’ youngest fight: Rampart. She has two different Takeovers, and with this event collection, she is getting her Heirloom. This makes her the third Legend not in the game at launch to get an Heirloom (and other two being Octane and Revenant).

 The Evolution Collection Event has a lot to offer to players no matter which game mode they prefer, because one Rampart Takeover is in Battle Royale, and the other is in Arenas. Let’s take a look at what the Evolution Collection Event has to offer.

Rampart’s Town Takeover: Big Maude

Big Maude shop and paintball course
Image via Respawn

A new location on World’s Edge called “Big Maude” is Rampart’s newest shop location. Use Crafting Materials in order to get fully-kitted paintball weapons. Fight in the tank shop, or in the paintball course.

Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover

Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover shop
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Get some Rampart modded weapons at a discount in the Arenas shop. This is going to feature Rampart’s favorite: the light machine gun (LMG)

Evolution Event Collection

Wraith Evolution skin
Image via Respawn

There will also be a bunch of new Legend skins and weapon skins, as well as some other cosmetics, for the event collection. Rampart’s Heirloom is unlocked for all players who buy out the event.

The Evolution Collection Event launches on September 14 and goes for two weeks until September 28.