Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event brings old maps and new cosmetics

Go forward by going back to the beginning.

Genesis Collection Event

Image via Respawn

In a dry spell of no changes or major events in the new Apex Legends season, Genesis descends to quench the thirst of all players waiting for some excitement. Genesis is a new event that adds new content, but also dials things back to the past. For the duration of Collection Event, the original version versions of World’s Edge (Season 3) and Kings Canyon (Launch) are returning in all of their former glory. The old maps include a bunch of iconic Points of Interest (POIs) including Fuel Depot, Capitol City, Thunderdome, and of course Skull Town.

Skull Town is most likely the most anticipated of the of the POIs to return with this throwback. Due to that, the POI will actually be not only returning to Battle Royale mode, but also debuting in Arenas mode. As Golden Gardens, rotates out, Skull Town rotates in. It should be an extremely fun Arenas map, but part of the fun of Skull Town is the sheer amount of people who go there in Battle Royale, so it should be interesting to see how it plays out with only two teams.

There is also, like every Collection Event, a plethora of new skins and cosmetics, both in the 24-piece Epic and Legendary premium collection, and a free-to-earn Rewards Track. Some notable collection Legend skins are for Loba, Wattson, Crypto and Revenant. The heirloom reward for completing this collection is Revenant’s Heirloom: a scythe called the Dead Man’s Curve.

The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event begins on June 29.