Apex Legends Gets Fancy with the Grand Soirée Arcade Event

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is kicking off 2020 with a new event, the Grand Soirée. Starting on Jan. 14 and running until Jan. 28, the event will feature seven new limited-time modes.

The modes will last for two days each, and will then be replaced by the next mode. They are:

  • Gold Rush Duos – Jan. 14
  • LIVE. DIE. LIVE – Jan. 16
  • Third Person Mode – Jan. 18
  • Always Be Closing – Jan. 20
  • Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge – Jan. 22
  • Kings Canyon After Dark – Jan. 24
  • DUMMIEs Big Day – Jan. 26

The event will also feature overhauled challenges and a new prize tracking system. According to developers Respawn, this will give everyone more rewards. Finishing challenges will net you points, and more points will get you more rewards. You can think of it as a Battle Pass system, specifically for the event, and free.

Even Scorecard

Each event will feature three challenges, worth 1,000 points in total. You will have two days to finish all three challenges before the event changes. Don’t worry about the grind, as you won’t need to complete all the challenges to get all the rewards. For those who do take part in every mode, there will be a special badge for doing so.

From Jan. 17 to Jan. 20, there will also be a Bonus Scoring Weekend. You will be able to get an additional set of event-specific challenges worth a total of 500 points to help you get those extra rewards.

The Grand Soirée will also feature a direct purchase shop, where you can get Legendary skins, and other event inspired cosmetics for $5 apiece. These skins and items will be rotating during the event to encourage players to check the store often. Six new Legendary skins are also being added to the loot pool at the start of the event, which can be crafted or gotten from Apex Packs.