Apex Legends Halloween Event Fight Or Fright Leaks, All The Details


Apex Legends is preparing a Halloween event, which is likely going to launch over the next few weeks.

With many live service games out there, during this time of the year, developers and publishers ramp up to monetize people’s passion for festivities. Halloween is one of those, so Respawn and EA are all in to join the party.

According to a leak, the Halloween limited-time event is going to be called “Fight or Fright.” It’s going to offer a revisited version of the Kings Canyon map known as Shadowfall. This version will get covered in darkness and will come with green-eyed Leviathans.

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The event will get hosted by “a mysterious figure known only as Revenant,” a character that is likely going to be playable in the future. Dataminer Shrugtal shared this information.

“Solo Legends fight to the death but with a dark twist – when Legends die, they are reborn on the Shadow Squad, an ever-growing faction of dark Legends who return from the dead to haunt their living counterparts with increased mobility and brutal melee attacks,” adds the leaked description.

“The last 10 Living Legends will join forces to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs.”

It looks like Apex Legends is doing things rather seriously for Halloween. Are you interested in the event, and are you going to be playing it as soon as it pops up?