Apex Legends, Here’s How Apex Battle Pass Works


Apex Legends is featuring a Battle Pass which works similarly to Fortnite’s. Here’s how it is being built specifically.

The game’s coming with four Battle Passes that we’ll be linked to seasons. Seasons will come in every three months, with the first kicking off on March.

We don’t have specific dates for the others, but it’s safe to say that those are releasing in June, September and December.

The Battle Pass will allow you to grab limited time cosmetic items just as it already happens in the battle royale competitor Fortnite.

Each Apex Battle Pass will feature around 100 different rewards which you’ll be able to unlock by simply playing the game.

Certain of the items included in the pass will be unlockable even without it, but for full loot you’ll need to buy it.

The battle pass will come with seasonal cosmetic items, that will remain yours even after the end of a season, and random Apex Packs, with weapons and Legends skins with various degrees of rarity.

While the Apex Battle Pass is in, despite being set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends doesn’t feature iconic titans – you can read why here.

Apex Legends, Here's How Apex Battle Pass Works