What is Apex Legends’ Max Level?

Curious about what the current level cap is in Apex Legends? At the current moment, there are 100 levels that a player can obtain before they’ve reached the maximum.

With the current system in place, that means that players will be able to earn 45 Apex Packs on their way to level 100. Even after reaching max rank, players can still earn Legend Tokens as well as XP. With season 1 right around the corner, we’ll have to wait and see if any additional levels will be added to Apex Legends.

Other popular Battle Royale games such as Fortnite keep players engaged through their constant stream of cosmetics and challenges. The long-term progression system can make or break any game and Apex Legends seems to understand this important factor.

There is already an impressive amount of unlockable characters and weapon skins that the player can obtain by leveling up. So while some dedicated fans may have already hit level 100, Respawn Entertainment is almost guaranteed to raise the level cap in the coming months.

The overnight success of Apex Legends has made it the most dominant Battle Royale game on the market. Respawn Entertainment has promised to support the game well into the future. Apex Legends is out now for PS4, XBO, & PC.

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