Night Mode Could Be Coming To Apex Legends

Apex Legends

According to a Twitter user, players may be able to get the option to play the map in Apex Legends at different times of the day.

Currently in Apex Legends, you are only able to play during the day. You’re always fighting in broad sunlight, and there are no weather effects. Presently, there is no way to play at night; you are always stuck playing in area with clear blue sky, and the sun brightly out.

That may change however, at least according to a leaker on Twitter. Username AustinScriver, the same person who found the flamethrower status effect file in Apex, apparently also discovered some new file names in the game. One of the file names within the game’s code suggests that players can finally play in levels that are set at night.

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LEAK: Something about a flamethrower was found in the game files. I don’t exactly know what it does (I’m Dumb, Idk how a flamethrower works). (via @AustinScriver) #ApexLegends #ApexLegendsBattleRoyale #ApexLegendsLeaks #Apex #ApexPartner #Apexlegendsclips #Apexlegendscommunity

Being able to play in the dark has been something fans have been craving since the game was release. The addition of a nights mode will undeniably prove to be popular, and it only makes sense for the developers to implement in the game sooner rather than later. Base on the file name, it doesn’t seem like different weathers will be coming to the game in the very near future.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legend, has yet to announce anything about having the map take place during the night. Until it is officially announce by Respawn, players are only able to play the map when the sun is out.