Apex Legends Error May Confirm Octane as Next Character

Earlier this morning, Apex Legends players who visited the official game’s website had the chance to see the above image. The image not only confirms Octane as a newly playable legend but that they’re going to get the opportunity to play him today and grab the game’s highly-anticipated Season 1 battle pass.

Unfortunately, this banner was taken down a little while after. Reddit user Spliddo took the above image before it went down.

Octane is meant to be a High-Speed Daredevil, with many of his abilities revolving around his mobility.

Including a new legend, players will have a chance to use new weapons, and score additional loot during their matches. It’s unknown if players must purchase the 950 Apex coin battle pass to receive access to these items, but we should know before the day’s over.

For now, we’re left speculating, and you can learn more in the Respawn’s latest live stream on their official YouTube Channel.