Apex Legends Glitch Sends Players into a Mapless Arena, and a Fist Fight Breaks Out

Apex Legends Psychedelic Glitch

Since its surprise arrival early last year, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has become a massive hit in the battle royale arena. But what happens if you launch an arena battle and there’s no arena?

A player recently shared such an experience over on Reddit. In the video clip, which is also linked below, players drop into a typical battle of Apex Legends. However, there doesn’t appear to be a map. As a result, the glitch creates some psychedelic effect, with colors blurring everywhere.

But did that stop the players from taking each other on? Surprisingly, no. There was still room to run around this map, even without the said map, and although players couldn’t pick up weapons (since they weren’t included here), they did the next best thing — they took part in a fistfight.

Dropped into a map-less game and everyone fist-fought to the death from r/apexlegends

The details on how the glitch came about weren’t revealed (ironically, the user that posted it was named u/AnonyMousBnS), but some Reddit regulars had suggestions as to how this happened.

A user by the name of WildSauce had a pretty good suggestion. “Kings canyon and the training range both have the same skybox. We know that players preload into the training range before legend selection; this was the source of the spawn noise and cough that you used to be able to hear sometimes. My guess is that this glitch is due to people loading into the training range but then for some reason the server doesn’t switch into the actual map.”

Another user by the name of TheTachyonic added, “Players were loaded into repulsor before the game back in the day. I’m sure worlds edge works the same way that there’s some area they spawn into. But loading training range would not make any sense at all.”

Respawn hasn’t said anything officially about the glitch yet. But its existence has players curious to try it out. One suggested the addition of a “Psilocybin mode,” while another requested a “petition for a Coliseum-style gamemode.”

We’re not sure if this is still happening in the game, or if it was a one-time occurrence. But, yeah, we’d give it a try, to trip out a little bit, man. Cue the 60’s music.

Apex Legends is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.